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My name is Al Shelton. I am trying to find out about my ancestors.  So far, I have very little information.  You could possibly be of help.  I am researching the following family names:



This photo was taken about 1910 in Schuyler, Nebraska. In the photo, standing left to right are: Ralph Whitehall, Nancy Whitehall, Willie Whitehall, Emma Whitehall, Photo taken circa 1910 in Schuyler, Nebraskaand John Murray. Seated on the left is my great grandmother, Laura Belle Whitehall. On the right is Mabel Johnson, my grandmother. The lady in the center of the front row is Harriet Whitehall, the wife of Miles Whitehall. She is my great great grandmother. Here is some information that I was able to get about Harriet.

The following information was taken from a General Affidavit of Harriet Whitehall in regards to a pension dispute over Miles' scurvy while he was in Louisiana in the Army: "I was born at Medicine Creek, Livingston County, Missouri. I have known him (my husband) all my life. We belonged to the same master until I was 12 years old. I was then sold to my first master's brother. I was then taken away about three miles from where my future husband lived. Neither of us was ever sold after that. We were owned by the same masters and lived in the same places until we were free. My first master's name was Spence Gregory. The second, was Manlof Gregory. I was owned by Manlof when I was married. I went by the name Harriet Watson until I was married. I was married at my masters, by Reverend Daniel Bibins (colored, now dead). I never had any other husband and have not been married since the death of my husband, Miles G. Whitehall. My husband, Miles G. Whitehall, enlisted March 23rd at Chillicothe, Missouri. Our Children are: Nova Z. was born April 20th 1857, George W. was born May 22, 1860, Mary L. was born April 3rd 1862, John G May 13th 1864, William W. Aug. 16th 1866, Henry S. Sept. 22nd 1868, Laura B. Mar 15, 1871, Emma F. Nov. 30, 1873, Nettie E. Feb. 11, 1876, Herbert O. July, 15, 1878, and Ralph Feb.. 27, 1883. Miles G. Whitehall was born at Powells Point, Currytuck County, North Carolina. His P.O. address when I first became acquainted with him, was Utica, Livingston County, Missouri , and this continued to be his P.O. address until his enlistment. 33 years of age at enlistment. 5 ft. 8 1/2 in. high, black complexion, black eyes, black hair, and by occupation, a farmer. Spence Gregory was the only owner. Sometimes, went by the name of Gregory. Had one other wife who died before we were married".

I was able to discover the following facts regarding Miles:

Military records state that Miles was born in Kartac, North Carolina. Harriet Whitehall stated, in an affidavit, that he was born at Powells Point, Currytuck County, North Carolina. The following information is copied from information received from the Civil War Library and Museum: 62nd Regiment Infantry Organized March 11, 1864, from 1st Missouri Colored Infantry. Attached to District of St. Louis, Dept. of Missouri, to March, 1864. District of Baton Rouge, LA., Dept. of the Gulf, to June, 1864. Provisional Brigade, District of Morganza, Dept. of the Gulf, to September, 1864. Port Hudson, LA., Dept. of the Gulf, to September 1864. Brazos Santiago, Texas, to October, 1864. 1st Brigade, 2nd Division, United States Colored Troops, Dept. of the Gulf, to December, 1864. Brazos Santiago, Texas, to June, 1865. Dept. of Texas to March, 1866. SERVICE.- Ordered to Baton Rouge, LA., March 23, 1864, and duty there till June. Ordered to Morganza, LA., and duty there till September. Expedition from Morganza to Bayou Sara September 6-7. Ordered to Brazos Santiago, Texas, September, and duty there till May, 1865. Expedition from Brazos Santiago May 11-14. Action at Palmetto Ranch May 12-13, 1865. White's Ranch May 13. Last action of the war. Duty at various points in Texas till March, 1866. Ordered to St. Louis via New Orleans, LA. Mustered out March 31, 1866.

I have been working on my family tree for quite some time with mediocre results. It is hard to gather information when family members are dead or uncooperative. I have recently been able to get information from relatives that are interested, so I can update my files and this Web page.

Here is a photo of my mom, dad and me taken probably late 1944 or early 1945: Fonsie, Opal and Al circa 1945

I have a small web page with Family Tree Maker.  A second source of information is the RootsWeb home page. From this very informative link, you can learn about numerous pages that have genealogical information on them. You can research your family history from the comfort and safety of your own home.


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